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Herbert Lohninger

Herbert Lohninger combines Technology, Leadership and Change know-how.

He discusses all these topics related to digitization during international Keynotes, Talks, Panel Discussions and Workshops.

His expertise is digitalization in the workplace.

Digitalization is our future.
50% is technology - the other 50% are how we accompany people through it.

Herbert Lohninger

Herbert Lohninger presented at Microsoft’s premier internal event called MS READY (Feb.2020, Seattle/USA). Herbert presented to Microsoft’s worldwide field sales and technical seller audience on Porsche IT’s implementation of Microsoft 365. He articulated the following aspects of this implementation very clearly and concisely:

  • Speed is essential for such a transformation project

  • Change management is “the success factor”

  • Do not forget Change management for the IT staff

  • All defined Office365 services at the same time makes it easier for IT and users

Because of Herbert’s exceptional ability to convey these 4 factors above to the audience, his presentation had the best overall evaluation across the entire Microsoft event.
I highly recommend Herbert for this technical knowledge, his ability to articulate clearly strategic goals, and the implementation of those goals in a very undstandeable way to a variety of sales and technical focused audiences.

Herbert is a well-connected, inspirational leadership figure with a vast amount of experience in the field of conceptualizing and managing the execution of digital transformation processes. He innovates by taking initiative and reinvents how things are typically done. 

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My passion is the stage, the exchange with other peers and lifetime learning.